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The Sleep Thief ....

Well Arthur, you are 14 months old tomorrow and you have slept through the night ONCE... 1 night of going to bed at 8pm and waking up at 8am... 1 night!!! Me and hubby look a little like zombies, some days surviving on coffee and too much sugar! I write this as he sleeps, we never know how long the sleep will last. We pop to the loo in fear a creaky floorboard could disturb the little sleep thief!! Just put it this way, it's a good job he is cute!! (see cute picture below)

So, why doesn't he sleep? Why does he wake 2, 3, sometimes 4 times a night. Answers on a postcard please!!!!

This week the health visitor has been to my house to have a chat with me about sleep. (or lack of it) We went for Arthur's 12 month check up and they asked if there was anything bothering me, yes... I haven't sleep for nearly 2 years...(including the time I grew him and couldn't sleep) yes we have had to occasional full night when we have been lucky enough he has only woken once and it wasn't my turn!! People tell me how lucky I am to have Steve to get up to, too blooming right, hats off to you ladies that fly solo on the night shift. I would be in an institute if we didn't share his love of nocturnal antics!!

Anyway, the health visitor.... So we analyse EVERYTHING, the nights he only wakes once, we retrace our steps, how much did he eat? Did he poop? has he had a big nap? Did I let him run around enough? the reality is there is no pattern, there is NOTHING we are doing or not doing that effects this kids sleep pattern!! The health visitor seems to think it's because Arthur falls asleep on me, I admit, he loves a snuggle, it's 8pm, I have been at work, I've barely seen the kids and those 10 mins of cuddles are bliss, should I sacrifice this in order to get a full night sleep? The health visitor is convinced that he can't settle himself and wakes up for a cuddle... I get it, but really will this result in a full night sleep?

The amount of people that have said to me that he will sleep through the night once he is at's like they think I haven't spent hours playing with him, hours chasing him around soft play, I have tried everything to tire him out....

Will he sleep? NOPE!!

So my question to you is.... How did you get your little ones to sleep through the night? Did you try controlled crying? Did they learn to settle themselves? Did it just happen?

To all you mummies and daddies doing the night shifts, I send my hugs...


I have included more cute pictures of Arthur to prove he is cute....

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