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Extended Family | Finding a family photographer near me.

Everyone together - tips on getting the most from your extended family photoshoot.

I often get asked if there is a maximum number of people that can attend a family photoshoot, it's usually when I have been booked for a parent or grandparent to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. I don't set a maximum but I will guide you to perhaps a longer session or the larger package. I do this because it does take longer, especially if I am working with toddlers and animals...

let me explain...

1. Plan Ahead:

When photographing an extended family, planning is key. Coordinate with all the family members involved to find a suitable time and location for the shoot. I work with you do this , I know how hard it can be to get everyone together.

Consider everyone's availability and preferences to ensure maximum participation. Communicate your ideas and expectations clearly to set the stage for a successful and enjoyable session.

2. Location Selection:

Choosing the right location sets the mood for your extended family photos. Opt for a location that is meaningful to youe family or reflects your families interests and personalities. I often shoot at a family home, in the gardens or closeby. It could also be a favourite park, a scenic outdoor spot, or even where you do your daily dog walk. A location that allows for both group shots and individual portraits provides versatility and variety in the final collection.

3. Keepin' it Real: Candid Moments

Capturing those spontaneous, genuine moments is what I love about photographing your family. A tip for you is to encourage your family to relax, interact naturally, and show their true colors. When children are involved I might suggest a game of 'red light/ green light' or peekaboo - I find teenagers less willing with peekaboo!

Candid shots are like a sneak peeks into the real dynamics and emotions within your family. These authentic and heartfelt images will bring back all the feels, filling your heart with nostalgia and pure joy. So, let your hair down and let the camera do its thing!

4. Group Poses:

While candid shots are valuable and my most favourite photos, I always include well-composed group shot in your extended family session. I will arrange family members in visually appealing formations that reflect their relationships. I often say 'stand with your immediate family' so that the different families are stood with the right people. ie sister and her kids and then brother and his kids.

I may experiment with different arrangements, such as standing, sitting, or even incorporating props, to add visual interest. I do make it fun, we have a giggle, I don't want sad faces on that all group shot!

5. Individual Portraits:

In addition to capturing group shots, I take individual portraits of each family member. These portraits provide an opportunity to highlight their unique personalities and create memorable keepsakes. I will get you laughing and smiling away so we really can capture your beautiful personalities.

7. Patience and Flexibility:

I'm not going to lie photographing extended family sessions can be challenging, especially when dealing with different personalities, ages, and preferences. What I will say is I have the patience of a saint (when the kids aren't mine lol) I am flexible throughout the process, allowing time for breaks and adjustments. Keep the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable, making sure everyone feels comfortable and valued. Patience and flexibility will lead to more natural and relaxed photographs, this is why I may suggest a 2 hour session, it gives time to relax and move around.

It's such a lovely session, and a great opportunity to all get together. If you have any questions at all please pop me a message or if you would like to book a session click below.

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