As a parent of an 10 year old and a 5 year old, they have both spent the first few years of their lives at nursery whilst I went to work. So many working parents need a childcare facility and whilst I have loved both of the nursery's my children have been to, I have always felt we were missing out on a huge part of their life. So when it's school/nursery photo time, I want a little snippet of their lives at nursery, I don't want to see a photo of my child on a white background, I want to see them doing what they enjoy, I want to see happy natural smiles, which lead me to the decision to offer Nursery photographs as part of my portfolio.
Firstly, I absolutely LOVE these sessions, I get to hang out with little people and play games, read stories and have fun whilst I capture their beautiful smiles. For me it's about being with them in an environment they feel safe it, it usually means they are happy to play along with me and I really do get the best little smiles.

What to expect:
I start the day by just hanging out with the kids, I need them to warm up to me being there. If I just turn up and start pointing a camera in their face, they don't like it. So we sit, chat and just hang out. The staff at the nursery usually introduce me and then we carry on.
I appreciate that parents want individual shots of their own kids, so I focus on one child at a time. I might spend 10-15 minutes with them, we might go outside, have a story or just play their favourite game. But my aim is to provide the parents with a selection of natural photographs which are then available to purchase.
What happens after the shoot?
So once I have finished for the day, the individual galleries are edited. It's important that we have the parents e-mail address so they can be sent their gallery directly. There is usually about 10 photos per child, but this can vary. (sometimes there are more and sometimes less - depending on how the child feels with me being there)
There are a variety of packages on offer for parents to purchase, (from £15) I want to make sure it's affordable for everyone.
Nursery Benefits:
For the nursery we offer the following:
  • 10% of profits made from the session
  • Staff Photos
  • 50% discount to staffs children attending the session.
  • Nursery images to be used on nursery website/social media pages.
These session are offered all year round, Please contact me if you would like to discuss a nursery sessions .
Dr. Seuss — 'Children want the same things we want.To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted.'