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Sweeney Barn - Daphne and Nick

I always do a little happy dance when I am back at the Sweeney. I am not going to lie, the 2 minute drive is very convenient, but it's also a beautiful scenic venue offering all that a good wedding venue should.

Daphne and Nick got in touch via a recommendation (another happy dance) and we first met in the winter at the local starbucks. We chatted away and they decided I was the right fit for their wedding day. This is something I really recommend doing with your photographer, meeting them. It gives you time to work out if you will be a good fit, this is important on your wedding day as if you don't get along it's not going to create a good working relationship.

Daphne and Nick have been together for 25 years! How amazing is that! They wanted a smaller wedding with their closest family and friends.

The morning started pretty cloudy but by the time I arrived at the Sweeney the sun shone bright. I could hear laughter as I walked through the doors and was greeted by Daphne and Claire, who was doing the hair and make up. I know Claire and she is so fab! (Highly recommended - link at the bottom)

The wedding was intimate, thoughtful and loving, it was an absolute pleasure.

Congratulations Nick and Daphne, I had a blast. x

The Team

Venue - The Sweeney -

Dress: Brides of Chester -

Suits: Majors of Oswestry - Flowers: The Flower Gallery -

Flavours: Happy Days Uk on Etsy

Hair and Make Up -

Cake -

Cariacatures -

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