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Wedding Guide

Oh My Gaaawd (said in a Janice voice) You're getting married!!!

Welcome to Wedding Planning Heaven!

Welcome to this comprehensive guide packed with valuable tips and tricks to assist you in planning your unforgettable special day! With my extensive experience of photographing over a hundred weddings, I've witnessed incredible ideas that left me in awe and also observed unfortunate choices that brought unnecessary stress to couples. So, sit back, relax, and indulge in a refreshing beverage as we delve into all things wedding-related. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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“I never even thought about doing it in that order! that makes much more sense thank you Katy!.”

Kim & Paul Andrews.

Planning the timeline

A few months before your wedding, I will provide you with a wedding day timeline questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to help me create a timeline that suits your needs and allows ample time for capturing beautiful photos!

The key to a successful timeline is to allow for some extra time and avoid overloading it with too many activities. It's important to leave some wiggle room because, let's be honest, things rarely go exactly as planned on a wedding day. There's always a chance of something unexpected happening—it's just part of the experience! By planning for potential delays or unforeseen circumstances, you can ensure everyone feels relaxed and avoid any unnecessary rush or stress.

To assist you further, I have created a sample timeline


This timeline serves as helpful guides to structure your day seamlessly.

Example Timeline

8am  - Breakfast and showers
10am  - Begin hair and make-up or grooming prep
11am  - Bouquet and buttonhole deliveries
1pm  - Bridal party pictures and bubbly
2pm  - Groom (if applicable) arrives for ceremony, guests start to arrive
2:15pm -  Bride (if applicable) departs for the ceremony
2:30pm - Ceremony
3:15pm  - Confetti toss and hugs outside the ceremony venue (allow extra for a formal reception line)
3:30pm -  Couple departs for photographs
4pm Drinks reception
4:30pm Couple arrives back from photos
5:30pm Seat guests for dinner
7pm Start speeches and serve dessert
7:30pm Couple cuts the cake
7:40pm Couple pops off for some golden hour shots (dependent on sunset times and weather!)
8.30pm Evening guests arrive
8:45pm First dance and band starts
11pm DJ begins and late night food is served
2am Music finishes (and the inevitable sing-song begins in the residents' bar!)



The Getting Ready Space

Selecting the right getting ready location is crucial as it sets the overall mood and ambiance for your photos, ultimately making or breaking the visual impact.


Picture this: opting for a cramped, poorly lit hotel bathroom without windows might leave you feeling stressed and claustrophobic—definitely not the ideal scenario!

Instead, consider a spacious, well-lit room with ample natural light streaming through large windows. This type of environment will foster a sense of tranquility and allow you to connect with your emotions on this momentous day.

Now, let's talk about the importance of good lighting. By the end of your wedding planning journey, you'll become a master at recognizing and appreciating light—trust me, it's quite fascinating! Whenever possible, aim to get ready near a window that allows soft, natural light to envelop you. This not only enhances the beauty of intricate details but also gives your skin a radiant glow, unlike the unflattering yellowish tint often associated with overhead lighting. Remember, during getting ready photos, it's best to keep indoor lights turned off to avoid color inconsistencies in your precious memories. Don't worry, if you forget, I'll gladly assist in switching them off!


What should we wear??

While it may be tempting to simply get ready in a casual t-shirt and pajama pants, remember that this is your wedding day! I'll be there to capture precious moments as you walk around, spend time with your loved ones, and, of course, I'll also take some stunning bridal photos of you during the preparation.

To add an extra touch of elegance and create dreamy getting ready photos, you might want to consider wearing a beautiful boho-inspired white lace maxi robe or gown. It adds a touch of enchantment and creates a picture-perfect atmosphere, just like in this example.

For more inspiring ideas like this, feel free to explore the Pinterest board I've curated specifically for you. It's filled with wonderful suggestions to help you envision your ideal wedding day look.



It's all in the details..

I absolutely love photographing the details.

The first thing I do when I arrive with you is start with the details. By details I mean I want your earrings, perfume, necklace, invitation, flowers and of course the DRESS! I usually beline for a bridesmaid to help me gather the bits especially if your in the middle of make up when I arrive. I also find by starting with this it gives everyone the opportunity to get used to me being around. 



How Many is too many?

This is probably one of my most asked questions. My response is always '8-10' and hear is my reasoning...

So you picture this, you've just got married, your super excited to see all your friends an family, you want to mingle and celebrate and you remember you asked for 25 formal group shots. 

Now don't get me wrong I am quick at group shots, but if you have 25, your going to be stood for a while especially if uncle Joe is off at the bar and you can't get him back. 

What I do is work with you to put your list together. If it's important to have lots then we will work with it , I just need to know so we can allocate time. The key is 100% organisation in the form of a well put together list with names (and actual names not just 'uncle and aunt' 

Example of formal shots

  • The Bridal Party (Bride, Groom, Best Man, Ushers, Bridesmaids etc)

  • Bride and Parents

  • Groom and Parents

  • Bride, Groom and Both Parents

  • Everybody i.e. All friends, family and guests

  • Additional group shots can also include…

  • Bride, Groom and Bride’s Immediate Family

  • Bride, Groom and Groom’s Immediate Family

  • Groom and Ushers

  • Bride and Bridesmaids




Out of all the confetti tips, this one is absolutely crucial! If there's only one thing you remember, let it be this: ensure you have an abundance of confetti. Sometimes, it's disappointing to realise that there's just a small handful for each guest, which isn't enough to create those amazing photos where you're completely engulfed in a cloud of metallic or colorful awesomeness. Make sure each guest has plenty of confetti, enough to completely cover you. 

Equipping every guest with a confetti cannon can be expensive, so a great alternative is to provide handfuls of confetti for most guests and strategically place a few large confetti cannons along the guest line. This combination guarantees epic confetti wedding photos! I've curated an Amazon list with my recommended confetti cannons. If you want to purchase some to create incredible shots, click here to check out these amazing options. You'll also find affiliate links to the full list of my recommendations below!


Using biodegradable confetti is a wonderful choice for outdoor celebrations. After the confetti moment, it's important to consider where it ends up if not properly cleaned up. Biodegradable confetti is more expensive than regular confetti and may not be available in vibrant colors, but it's a kinder choice for the environment. Some venues even require the use of biodegradable confetti. Etsy offers a wide range of fabulous biodegradable confetti options that can be purchased in bulk or by the handful, making it incredibly convenient. Remember to get twice the amount you think you'll need! You can view my Etsy biodegradable confetti shopping list here, and for a great supplier of 100% eco-friendly confetti, check out Adamapple on their website.



When it comes to wedding confetti, you'll find many options online, including cardboard cones and paper bags designed to hold the confetti and make distribution easier. However, these are entirely unnecessary! Instead, opt for a large basket or container where guests can grab handfuls of confetti. This approach reduces hassle and ensures everyone gets enough to throw. Confetti cones often lead guests to launch the confetti in the air using the cones themselves, resulting in confetti not falling properly and obstructing faces in your photos with paper triangles.


While it may be amusing for your guests to throw confetti directly at your face, the best results come from throwing it high above you as you walk by, allowing it to gracefully descend. Consider assigning a bridesmaid or groomsman, preferably the one responsible for distributing the confetti, to inform guests of this preference. It's also wonderful if some guests throw confetti slightly before you reach them, creating a stunning shower in front of the camera lens.



Being showered with confetti is a unique experience, and it's natural to want



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