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The Importance Of Family Photography

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

If I didn't have bills to pay and kids to feed, I would shoot for free all day long. There is nothing I love more than giving the gift of an image. There are images in my life that are missing and I can never get back. My mum passed away in my early 20s and I don't have any images with her from the age of about 14. So being able to give this gift is something I am proud of, something I take great pride in, and something I hope you treasure for life.

It was wonderful to meet this wonderful extended family, two parents, two sisters and their spouses and kids, not forgetting their two beautiful fur babies, scruffy and Harry. My client gave this session as a gift to her family at Christmas, it was booked to tie into their family holiday as they were staying locally to Oswestry over the half term period.

We took a walk around the beautiful Cole Mere, nr Ellesmere. Weather was on our side. It was great to meet everyone and see what a wonderful loving set of families they are.

If you are looking to have your family captured by myself, please pop me an e-mail My existing packages for family shoots can be found here . I am always happy to travel if required. I have lots of lovely places I shoot in and around the Oswestry area, I am always happy for suggestions, or if there is somewhere special to you, lets do the session there.

This wonderful couple have been married for 55 years, how absolutely amazing is that.

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