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Rhi and Tommy

On Saturday the 9th July, we were treated to a glorious albeit hot sunny day in the Mid Wales hills to celebrate the marriage of Rhianna and Tommy.

The chapel was full to the brim with Rhianna and Tommy's friends and family, it was a beautiful to see them all gathered as Rhi made her entrance. Tommy tried to keep it together but I could see how emotional he was as she entered the chapel.

It was a wonderful service, lots of singing and smiling as they said their vows. I do was followed by a gathering outside to throw the confetti, I love how involved some guests get and here was no exception. After a few group shots we headed off to the family home where Tommy and Rhianna were greated by friends and family. We talked about rain in the weeks leading up to the wedding and as with any day, we never know or can control what the weather will be, but the sun shone and shone and people relaxed in the field creating a lovely festival vibe as they drank and caught up with family and friends.

Here as some of the highlights from the day.

Congratulations once again,










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