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Getting the camera back out and mini Banana's!

So the camera has been in hiding for quite sometime but making the decision to get it out is one I don't think I will ever regret! I had such an amazing time with Phoebe (my 3 year old) as we went on a little adventure.

The sun was shining and the skies were blue so what better day to get right back into it. Me and Phoebe drove for a little while and then found oursleves at the Old Racecourse in Oswestry, and wow what a place.

We were taken back with the beautiful lilac bluebells litterally forming a blanket of beauty, as we explored I started snapping, and the results were better than I expected. The colours were magnificent and Phoebe was being a good girl so we delved further around the racecourse. I was so happy to come accross this beautiful tree which we nicknamed Mini Banana Tree. Phoebe stood there for ages picking the little flowers and here I was able to get some great images, admittedly I had to get in the tree to get this shot and came out slightly yellow but it was worth it, capturing her smile here was my favourite photo from the day and it's already been printed and found it's way onto our family wall.

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