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Working With Your Own.

This was a personal project and my last for 2016, a Christmas gift for Grandparents. I think this is why I wanted it to be just perfect. I especially wanted it to be perfect if it was going to be hung in my parents home for the next 20+ years! The below are my two children and my niece and nephew and we got together to create a portrait for my father and step mother.

Working with your own children, well, you would assume would be easier than working with strangers, er... NO! Phoebe (my daughter) is pretty used to me pointing the camera in her face, but she has now what we call photographers child syndrome. Basically, we get the camera out and she pulls faces, gets cross or point blank refuses. Arthur (9 months) just smiles bless him, so he is pretty easy assuming you can get him to smile at the same time as Phoebe!

The one good thing photographing your own kids is nobody judges the amount of chocolate buttons it takes to get them to smile, no one judges what you as a parent look like as you are jumping around like an idiot (and boy we were doing that!)

My niece and nephew (Jake and Elsie) are from Leicestershire, and it took some co-ordinating to get us all together. All the weekends leading up to Christmas were getting full and working outdoors is always difficult in winter! But we did it, early December and I am pretty happy with the results.

T h e R e s u l t

We headed to the beautiful Colemere (a personal favourite to me) and we achieved what I felt might be the impossible. All 4 children looking at me and smiling! 4 children ranging from 9 months to 8 years old!! No Photo shopping heads, just flipping good luck and 3 adults jumping around like crazy fools (My husband, me and my sister) The photo shoot was done (more from the session below)

I absolutely LOVE seeing my work printed, it gives me a proper kick! To me it becomes real (this is why it's so important to print your photos - but that's for another blog)

Picking the frame and size was hard and has led me to add something new to my product range in 2017! I wasn't sure what size they would want the photo. But I am one for bigger is better so went for a 20 x 16 inch print in a mounted frame. I wanted the frame to suit the style of my parents home and I think I did it! Here is them holding the masterpiece on Christmas Day!! (my work was done!!)

They were happy!! I was happy! My sister - just had to pay my bill ;)

Here are some more from the session below. I was lucky enough to be given the most amazing Radio Flyer by a lovely friend and I feel this will feature in MANY of my 2017 shoots!!

Anyway, I am rambling!

Happy New Year Everyone

Love and hugs in 2017 x


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