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Home Sweet Home | Susan & Malcolm

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

There is something I love about Brides getting ready in their family home, the photos of their childhood on display, their favourite collectables that parents have left in their old room, and mostly when they share their memories with me. Susan and Malcolm's wedding was no exception. I arrived at Susan's family home just as they all returned from the hairdressers, I was greated by her lovely Mum (who later became my assistant ;) and her Dad, who made me a cuppa! Being invited into their home to capture these moments is something I really do cherish.

Susan had her dress hung in her childhood bedroom, I was left to photograph the dress and her special items which had been laid out ready for me, I love to know why the bride picks certain items, including this very old ring, which I later discovered was a late grandparents.

The ceremony was held in Four Crosses Church and then on to their family farm where they had the most amazing marque with possibly one of the best views I have had at a wedding!

I could write so much about this day, but I think it might be best just to let you look at the pictures!

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness,

Much love, x

P.s One of my favoutite moments was watching the Bridesmaid follow a YouTube make up tutorial - the joy of Covid and rearranging the day, not everything can rebooked!