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At Home, in your arms.

I don't specifically categorise myself as any particular photographer, I don't really like to pigeon hole myself into a specific category. What I do is I capture moments, so whether that be a family picnic, a family walk, a wedding, a new baby or pet, I believe each moment is equally as important and to capture that moment is a privilege. Which leads me to baby photos. I often get asked to photograph babies and many people are put off by the fact I don't have my own studio. I have no plans to have a studio, it's just not something I want to tie myself to, I prefer to be either outdoors or in your home. I thought I would write this post on capturing babies in your home.

I absolutely love doing this, I love coming to your homes, your nest, the place you are going to raise your new bundle of joy. These moments are real and to me this is what I choose to capture. Don't get me wrong there are some absolutely outstanding studio baby photographers, a good friend of mine included. But for me it's all about your home. Now you don't need to live in a huge beautiful home home to have this type of session, not in the slightest. I work in the smallest of rooms sometimes, but you know what, it works.

What to expect

So I will arrive at your home (please don't panic and go crazy on the cleaning - You've just given birth, you don't need to worry about nappies and wipes lying around) After a little time of you being used to me being there, I start capturing, whether it be a feed, a change, a cuddle or a close up of tiny feet, I go with the flow. I will work with you, we can go in a nursery or your bedroom. I use natural light, we might move close to a window if it's a dark room or a dull day, but I won't turn up in your home with a full lighting kit, it's not my style.

I want you to remember how your babies nursery looked, I want you to remember where you fed your baby, I want to remember the first few days in your home, the days which become a blur as the sleep deprivation sets in. I will capture moments for you to look back on when those tiny fingers and tiny toes grow into big kids, into adults, and trust me that time flies by in heartbeat.

So here are a few from my favourite sessions for you to have a look see. If you're expecting a bundle of joy and want more information, please pop me a message and we can have a chat.

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