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Rachel and Ben

I am always super happy to be at The Sweeney, it really is such a beautiful wedding venue in Shropshire. Sean and his team work so hard to make sure your day is super special, and the food, wow! Perfect!

Rachel and Ben got in touch last year to book me as their photographer, we met before to discuss all the details and the day sounded just perfect! It certainly lived up to the expectations. The weather was absolutely perfect, whoever ordered that weather really did a good job. The entire day took place at The Sweeney, starting with Rachel and her bridesmaids getting ready in the cottage and ended with lots of dancing as Sonic Boom took center stage to entertain their guests.

One thing for sure was Rachel and Ben had so many people that loved them dearly, lots of celebrations including a very proud speech from Rachels Dad!

Thanks Rachel and Ben for chosing me to be part of your day, it was a pleasure.

For info on the couples suppliers please see the list at the bottom of the page. Some amazingly talented Shropshire Wedding Suppliers.


Decorations @tmsevents

Bridesmaid dresses @victorialoubridal

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